Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I do not have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. Do I qualify for the program?
A. You will have to take certain courses before applying. Please refer to the “Admission Criteria” section on the Admissions page.

Q. I do not have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science,or Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, but I have several professional certificates (CISCO, Microsoft). Can these be used to substitute the required courses given in “Admission Criteria“?
A. No, professional certificates cannot be used to substitute the required courses.

Q. Do I need to take the Subject GRE test to apply for this Program?
A. No, only the General GRE test is a requirement.

Q. Do I need to take the GRE test if my GPA is at least 3.5?
A. Yes. All applicants are required to take the GRE.

Q. What is the Application deadline for the Computer Networking program?
A. Please check the web site of the Computer Science Department or of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (depending upon which Department you want to apply to) for precise deadlines.

Q. I will be extremely grateful if you could give me a frank assessment of my chances of obtaining admission and aid from your university. Iam attaching my resume. I would be glad to supply any further information for your perusal.
A. Unfortunately, we are not set-up to provide such an assessment.

Q. Can I apply to the Department of Computer Science for the MS in Computer Networks and also for the MS in Computer Science in one application?
A. No, you need two separate applications (with fees, reference letters etc). Applying to both degrees will not increase your chances of getting admitted, since there is a single admissions committee in Computer Science Department that reviews all applications.